IBM macht deep sequencing?

Huch, über was man alles stolpert. Und noch nicht mal schlecht gedacht, vorhandene Technik (Herstellung von Mikroprozessoren) mit neuen Anwendungen zu kombinieren.


Der Artikel zur Methode.

update (24.10)

wired schreibt zum Nachweis und zur Technik (mit schematischem Bild):

„This metal-dielectric structure holds the nanopore. A modulated electric field between the metal layers traps the DNA in the nanopore. Since the molecule is easily ionized, voltage drops across the nanopore help “pull” the DNA through. By cyclically turning on and off these gate voltages, scientists can move the DNA through the pore at a rate of one nucleotide per voltage cycle –- a rate the researchers believe would make the DNA readable. IBM hasn’t specified how fast a strand of DNA can be read, though researchers say a fully functional device could sequence the entire genome in “hours.”

Ultimately, several such nanopores can run parallel on a chip to create a complete genomic analyzer.

Though researchers have figured out the basics, it could still take up to three years to get a working prototype. The challenge now is to slow and control the motion of the DNA through the hole so the reader can accurately decode what is in the DNA.

They also need to determine exactly how the DNA will be decoded when it passes through the nanopore. It’s an area of “intense research” within and outside of IBM, says Stolovitzky. One way to do it would be to measure the electrical properties of the different DNA bases such as capacitance and conductivity.“

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